Finding accurate, objective and insightful nutrition information is an unfortunately rare thing. Unqualified opinions, biased claims and misinterpreted conclusions all add to the noise and confusion that exists when trying to access information about nutrition. Thankfully, Alan is one of the rare people who not only interprets nutritional science with objectivity and care, but also articulates his insightful conclusions into clear, well thought out, pragmatic messages. For anyone interested in advancing their understanding of nutritional science, I would highly recommend following Alan's work.
Danny Lennon Msc, Sigma Nutrition Founder and Head of Content Production.
Danny Lennon, Sigma Nutrition
Dr Layne Norton
In the age of information, it is not a lack of information that is a problem, but rather the difficulty in separating good information from the garbage. When it comes to evidence-based nutrition analysis and dissemination of data, Alan Flanagan is one of the best around. He does a fabulous job of relying complex data in a manner that is presentable to the average person. This is a rare skill and one that Alan excels at. I would recommend that any medical professionals or people with an interest in nutrition as it relates to health and body composition follow Alan and regularly read his website.
Dr Layne Norton. PhD in Nutritional Sciences, Professional Powerlifter, and Coach.
Many healthcare professionals face a barrier to staying on top of research: time. Trying to understand research while running a business is hard. Alan is an incredibly effective science communicator and distills complex areas of research to deliver in a format that is engaging and understandable. His breakdown of nutrition science, and putting it in context, means not only do you get research related to practice, but you'll learn to develop your critical thinking skills in the process.
Phil Graham. Founder of Diabetic Muscle & Fitness, Author, Educator and Coach.
Alan Flanagan