Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, holds an MSc and PhD in nutrition from the University of Surrey, and is a former practicing Lawyer (Barrister) from Dublin, Ireland.

Alinea Nutrition is his online education hub, dedicated to empowering others with clear, impartial evidence-based knowledge and understanding about the science of nutrition.

Why Alinea Nutrition?

The core values behind Alinea Nutrition are critical thinking that is clear, objective, rational, free from dogma, and informed by evidence.

The mark ¶ is an alinea: it’s the typographical symbol for a new paragraph, representing clarity, structure, and logical thought. That concept is the foundation of Alinea Nutrition.

These core values reject the belief-system paradigm within nutrition, the inflexible and dichotomous thinking, and the disempowering effects of polarising extremes.

Within this construct, Alinea Nutrition strives to bring you a logical and intelligent approach to nutrition science, based on the best available evidence.

Alan Flanagan